Our ZymoMetric platform implements a unique molecular interaction analytics approach to design small peptide drugs that bind target proteins. Combining the molecular properties of protein interactions with high performance computing, using an IBM Blue Gene/Q with 65,536 processor cores at SOSCIP, our ZymoMetric platform architects new synthetic small peptides (30-75 amino acids) with designed targeting properties.
Our designed biologics are selected against non-target proteins reducing the possibility of side effects. The small size of our designed biologics (30-75 amino acids) makes them ideal therapeutics for reaching hidden targets.

Our ZymoTarget platform is developed as the best in class solution for architecting novel therapeutics that target traditionally undruggable targets. Using an alternative mechanism for protein binding, ZymoTarget combines the biochemical and biophysical properties of proteins with high performance computing to engineer small protein therapeutics that interact with difficult but pharmaceutically valuable targets.